January 22nd, 2012


I had the worse tummy ache this morning. Thank goodness I was able to go back to sleep. When I woke up again, I felt 99x better! After mama left, I finished up with the food. I downloaded Temple Run… Gawd, what have I done :( I went with the parents to Lion market on Tully, and it was so empty… We went to Grand Century, and I split up with my parents. When I walked back out to find them, I was being eaten by a bunch of asians that were watching Lion dancing at the main entrance. I just wanted to find my mommy and daddy ;_; After being pushed out, I walked behind Dynasty and was reunited! Went to the house, and made more food. We went back to Lion and bought flowers + firecrackers. Went over to the brothers place and heated up errthang and ate like beasts. YUM. While the guys were watching the game, I was playing Temple Run… I came back to the house. Gambled, and loss 30 bucks ;_;. It was 5 minutes of playing gawddd. Today was busily enjoyable :)

You’re so random. You cute piece of… MINE. HEHEHE <3


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